World Archery was founded as FITA in 1931 in Lviv, then part of Poland and called Lwow, with the express mission of standardising international rules for the sport and getting archery back on the Olympic programme.

It had appeared four times previously in 1900, 1904, 1908 and 1920. Each edition had used rules created by the host country – and there was little consistency.

FITA took 41 years developing archery, and the competition format, before the sport returned to the Olympic programme at the Games held in Munich in 1972. Over that time, and ever since, the international rules have been constantly refined.

The history of the round used at international competition is easily broken down into five periods.

The first is one of murky clarity and experimentation between different historical styles, the second and third are stable and based around the international and then 1440 rounds, the four was short and focused on the Grand FITA and the last, and current period, is with head-to-head matchplay.

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