Crispin Duenas shot 12 10s in a four-set victory over Brazil’s Bernardo Oliveira to take the last place in the semifinals of the Lockdown Knockout. The three-time Olympian from Canada joins Steve Wijler, Aida Roman and Gaby Bayardo in the final four.

“I’m very happy with my shooting today. I think I’m going to have to do this and more against Steve on Friday,” said Crispin.

“He’s a really good shooter, who I know can shoot 12s on command. I’m the only man who hasn’t shot a 12 yet, so I should start practising that more… just in case.”

This remote international tournament has introduced a unique target for recurve archers. A small 15mm white dot in between the eight and seven rings on the top of the triple-spot target is worth 12 points.

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