Dave Cousins, the 1999 World Archery Champion, scored 600 out of a possible 600 points to record the first perfect score of the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series during its second remote stage on 18-20 December 2020.

“I shot a great round, had a great day, was really in the groove. Equipment was working flawlessly and I hope to compete in the remainder of the events we have scheduled and see if we can’t all post up some big numbers,” said Cousins.

Only a handful of compound men have ever delivered a perfect 60-arrow 18-metre round since Mike Schloesser shot the first 600 in Nimes in 2015.

This year’s combined live and remote indoor circuit might not inspire quite the same pressure, or tense attention, as a normal event – but 60 consecutive arrows in the middle for score remains impressive no matter the circumstance.

“Yeah, it’s not a real competition per se but it is bringing us together and keeping us shooting and that’s what’s really important,” added Dave.

Three of this month’s winning scores could have been ratified as new world records had they been posted at registered events.

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