Canada’s Crispin Duenas and Mexican Olympic medallist Aida Roman will shoot in the Lockdown Knockout final after their respective victories over Steve Wijler and Gaby Bayardo in the remote semifinals on Friday.

This remote invitational tournament sees a man and a woman contest the title, with 1000 CHF and pride on the line.

Roman and Bayardo’s semi was originally scheduled for Thursday but delayed a day after storms in Mexico caused mobile phone service failure and led to connection issues. It was eventually held on Friday morning instead.

In the end, it was a one-sided affair and the first three-set victory of this competition.

Former World Archery Indoor Champion Roman – she was shooting outdoors but over the indoor distance of 18 metres – shot sets of 29, 30 and 29 points, each time edging out Bayardo. The pair were Mexican teammates at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games but Gaby has since relocated to the Netherlands.

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