The 12-ring has made its mark on the Lockdown Knockout.

Dutch archer Steve Wijler hit it twice during his quarterfinal against the reigning World Archery Champion and number-one-ranked recurve man in the world, Brady Ellison, as he booked his spot in the semifinals, 6-2.

“Just feels amazing. I’ve been practising a little on the 12 the last two trainings I did. I think I only hit 30% of it. So it’s pretty nice to hit it multiple times now,” he said.

“To be honest, I’m just so glad to be competing again. It’s just the thrill of competing. Brady is such an amazing shooter so it’s amazing to start against someone like him.”

This unique remote international tournament features a unique target face. It has one additional small white circle worth 12 points in between the eight and seven rings. Archers can choose to shoot it at any time but must declare their intention before drawing the bow.

Brady’s first arrow of the match hit a shaft-width high-left in the nine. Steve opened with three 10s. The US archer made his first attempt at the white spot with his third arrow – but ended up hitting a 10 instead.

Ellison shot three 10s in the second set. Wijler matched him to retain his lead.

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