Back in the stadium where she set her European 10,000m record of 29:36.67 last October, Sifan Hassan continued to make history by smashing the world record with a time of 29:06.82* in Hengelo on Sunday (6).

Racing at the FBK Games – a World Athletics Continental Tour Gold meeting – and with the world record always in her sights, the double world champion took more than 10 seconds off the 29:17.45 global mark for the 25-lap event which had been set by Ethiopia’s Almaz Ayana at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

On world record pace from the start, the Dutch star began behind pacemakers Diane van Es and Jackline Rotich, with Van Es taking the leaders through 1000m in 2:56.12.

Rotich was then to the fore, reaching 2000m in 8:47.91, but soon after Hassan was clearly wanting to push the pace. With 19 laps to go she had passed the pacemaker and was following the Wavelight technology, steadily ticking off the laps.

She went through halfway in 14:38.75 and continued to get quicker, running a 2:45 final kilometre and lapping the entire field which included seven other athletes who would go on to achieve the Olympic qualifying time of 31:25.00. Crossing the finish line with 29:06.82 on the clock, Hassan raised her hands to the air and then sank to the track in delight.

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