The Ladies European Tour has
today launched an exciting new initiative to promote environmental
sustainability. Celebrating the Green presented by Dow, will help amplify the
good work taking place across the tour, as well as inspire and support further

Delivered in close
partnership with the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, and with support from
new partner Dow, the initiative will be carried forward inclusively with people
and organisations from across the LET community, including partners, players,
tournaments, venues and media.

Alexandra Armas, CEO, LET,
said: “We are excited to bring this initiative forward in partnership with GEO
Foundation and Dow. The LET recognises the fundamental significance of issues
such as biodiversity loss; air and ocean pollution; and climate change. We now
want to step forward with more strength to deliver and stimulate more positive
action in collaboration with all the people and organisations we connect with
around the world. We know these concerns resonate with many of our member
players, as well as partners, tournament organisers and venues, and that by
working together we can do more and deliver even more value.”

One major focus will be the
gathering and promoting of credible stories and examples from across the LET
community, which will span a range of issues directly related to fostering
nature, conserving water, energy and materials, engaging communities and taking
climate action – all of which are closely aligned to the United Nations ‘Global
Goals for Sustainable Development’.

Jonathan Smith, Executive
Director, GEO Foundation added: “Congratulations to the LET on their
leadership. It is always inspiring when a highly visible and influential
sporting body like the LET voluntarily steps forward, looking to do more. We
are delighted to help guide the initiative and also to support the delivery as
more players, tournaments and venues seek to get involved, take more action and
tell their stories. This is exactly why we have spent the last few years
building customised programs and tools for sustainable golf – including the new
suite of carbon calculators.”

The announcement has been
warmly welcomed by a number of people and organisations across golf, including
‘Sustainable Golf Champion’ Suzann Pettersen who added: “I am very pleased to
see the launch of this exciting and important initiative. Sustainability issues
are so important to the game of golf and of course to all of us now and future
generations. I would encourage current LET players, plus the tournaments and
venues to look into how they can get involved in the initiative and with GEO’s
sustainable golf programmes, and become part of a truly inspiring collective

Mary Draves, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Dow, explained why the organisation is so pleased to help drive LET Celebrating the Green: “As a direct result of the sustainability work we are carrying out at the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational, Dow sees a tremendous opportunity to advance sustainability in and through golf.  It is one of the sports most connected to natural landscapes and communities and clearly has the opportunity to lead by example on so many key issues. We look forward to bringing our support and resources to both the LET and GEO Foundation, which have done tremendous work over the years to ensure that initiatives like this can be confidently, credibly and effectively carried forward.”

For more information about
how to get involved with LET Celebrating the Green, visit our website HERE

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