by Kabir Nagpal

Ma Long

There is little left to be said about the Dragon and his exploits, but the recent month proved that we can indeed wax lyrical for a ‘Long’ time when it comes to the world no.3.

Ma Long’s performances clearly underlined that the reigning Olympic and World champion has fully recovered from all his injuries. The win at the ITTF Finals was followed by another new trophy added to his bulging collection. In Macao, he claimed gold.

Mattias Falck

The one man who is defying expectations and setting new personal standards, is Sweden’s Mattias Falck.

Having famously reached the men’s singles final at the Liebherr 2019 World Championships in Budapest, Falck now has another feather in his cap. In Macao at the quarter-final stage, he defeated world no.2, Xu Xin, for the first time ever in his career.

Renewed belief in his abilities can be credited to the legendary Jörgen Persson. Using short pimpled rubber on the forehand, will it be an added advantage moving forward? Time will tell.

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